Fringefeed | 14 Feb 2020

Jamie Mykaela: Daddy

This show is exactly what I want in a FRINGE WORLD show. It has it all. Humour, feminism, quirky ukulele songs and pure raw talent.

Jamie is a local Perth artist that I have seen a few times at FRINGE WORLD shows over the years. She has developed as an amazing individual with her own unique personality. Her ukulele renditions of old and popular songs arouse strange nostalgia, but the content of her show provokes unexpected emotions.

There’s no sugar coating here, just brutal truths and observations she presents to us in a uniquely entertaining manner.

A strong stage presence and admirable confidence. I absolutely love it when she sings. The whole room would be completely mesmerised when she would be performing her solo on the ukulele, and when she hit those high notes it gave me goosebumps. Not only because she is a good singer, but because she is living the passion behind that song; she feels it and makes the audience feel it too.

I was really impressed with this opening show and the audience loved her too. I encourage you to head along and see her at the Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den.

You must see this show! Chilling, beautiful, funny. The best cabaret I have seen in a long time. Goosebumps!

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Amanda Rahim

Amanda Rahim is a freelancer, homegrown Perthling and ultimate Fringe fanatic. From a family of musos and performers, her artistic passion has flourished into adulthood, where she now finds herself writing reviews - for you to get intimate with the out-there arts at FRINGE WORLD.

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Jamie Mykaela's talent shines through in Daddy. This pint sized woman is such a loveable, and consistantly hilarious host, she takes an uncomfortable subject, and makes it so enjoyable, holding the audiences hand and taking them on a journey with no cheap shots taken at anyone in the room. Vintage rock songs experienced through her voice that shows both strength and vulnerability in one is a 5 star night out. See it tonight is your last chance!!

Reviewed by Kelly 2020

Jamie has put together a thought provoking yet very entertaining show. I will listen to lyrics more carefully now ! Loved this show and the awareness it raises

Reviewed by Liz Ford 2020