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James Hancox: 1000 Great Lives

It was epic! Hancox is hilarious. Not sure is if he is brave, or completely bonkers, doing this show solo. It was one of the funniest I’ve ever seen.

Hancox sets a convincing scenario to the audience and runs with it, building the tension through the whole hour, taking us on an eclectic journey in history, jumping in and out of significant moments, not in any particular order, which makes it even funnier.

1000 Great lives is a very inclusive show, the great lives Hancox demonstrates includes the animals. His scene with a dying horse (made from one of his terrible DIY props) had me crying with laughter. My jaw is still aching.

It’s a fast-paced show and includes a fair amount of audience participation which was done very smoothly. Hancox is completely charming and disarming, easily persuading several members of the audience to become involved in his developing drama and it worked brilliantly.

We all quickly became part of ‘Team James’ helping him in his quest. I loved the audience participation as it was done so well and made it ‘our show’, one that we created together, helping Hancox out of a tricky situation.

As a comedy it was intelligent humour and not at all smutty. Good, clean feel-good fun. Hancox is so expressive – his eyebrows could have had second billing. He transformed into so many characters with just his facial expressions and voice.

There were minimal props, appallingly dreadful homemade constructions which added to the humour – and are still making me laugh remembering them. My favourite scene was when he demonstrated going into space and the effect of no gravity. I’m having problems writing this right now as can’t stop laughing remembering the scene. Hancox is smart, deft, a quick improviser and not a bad singer.

I got a whole new perspective on history from this show and learnt some interesting new ‘facts’ – “My name is Thomas Edison and you’re welcome!”. I thoroughly enjoyed it and totally recommend you try and get a ticket if you can!

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Lou has the curiosity gene. Creative challenges and learning opportunities are always on the cards. She thrives on making connections and is passionate to share the amazing things she finds. Lou enjoys intelligent humour and her reviews are sure to appeal to a sophisticated informed audience.

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Yes, it's a good show, but not that good to give it 5 stars (as one official reviewer did). from the promo pic I expected him to wear a few (token) outfits, and felt a bit cheated when that did not eventuate.

Reviewed by Snappytom 2020

James Hancox puts on a fantastic and very funny performance, with a little bit of help from the audience. Definitely a great show!

Reviewed by Jay Chesters 2020