Fringefeed | 28 Jan 2018

“Is This What You Humans Call Variety?”

It wasn’t what I expected. It was a low budget, technology-reliant mix of acts. The small stage catered to the intimacy of each piece, all being a small slice from the artist’s larger fringe shows.

The few technical mishaps and missed acts didn’t deter these determined artists from their goal of entertaining the crowd.

So, we’ll chalk the issues up to first night jitters. And, to be fair, it was a small crowd, half consisting of the acts themselves. A few of which stood out.

Having never been to a cabaret show myself I wasn’t sure what Jamie Mykaela had for us. She began with a peppering of jokes; a mere warm up for what she was really about. Her voice spun through and calmed the audience.

I know I should’ve been listening to the lyrics but her stage presence – despite not standing on the stage and instead on ground level with us – mesmerized us all.

Nicola Macri’s up-tempo display of athletic prowess initiated the tone of the show.

Her unapologetic discourse combined with her unashamed odd skillset provided us an insight into what should be great solo stand-up, which is happening, as she would say, “2-4 of Feb. You’re welcome”.

Pirateman attempted juggling feats; Jeff Newman blew our minds as he read audience volunteers’; The Noughty Girls powered through with an INCREDIBLE Eminem rendition, and Levon J Polinelli’s Mac freaked us all out with his talk of raising funds for jihadists.

If you’re not sure what you are looking for at this year’s selection, check out this show to find out what piques your interest, be it anything from comedy to watching a grown man rediscover Jumanji to the detriment of audience members’ health.

And, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t pay just $21 to find out what they want in life?

Is This What You Humans Call Variety? runs late Friday and Saturday nights until February 24th in the Supper Room of Perth Town Hall if you wanted to catch it before calling it a night.

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Ticket Price $11 - $21

End Date 24 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $11 - $21
  • End Date 24 Feb 2018
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