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As the lights dimmed in the De Parel Spiegeltent we were greeted by the dulcet tones of environmentalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough.

And then the ‘great man’ appeared on stage dressed in his customary safari style attire but along with an ample bosom and a rather suspicious looking white beard.

A fairly corny impersonation – who has ever seen Sir David other than immaculately coiffed and cleanshaven? – but also a clear indication that we were in for a night of fun and frivolity with perhaps a little education thrown in, and so it proved.

Sir David is known as a naturalist (not to be confused with a naturist) with a love of the environment and all creatures therein.

The theme for the night was biological evolution from the simplest creatures to the higher mammals.

Sir David provided the commentary, the enthusiasm, the curiosity, the educational tidbits (careful how you spell that) and the wonderful girls from Sugar Blue Burlesque provided the dancing.

The dancers came in a variety of spectacular costumes depicting the lifeforms they were representing but really it was just an excuse for a different way to present a typical burlesque set.

We lapped it up and the level of appreciative noise from the audience at times almost drowned out the songs the girls were dancing to.

The dances were great and delivered with perkiness; the girls were clearly enjoying themselves.

As expected each step in the evolutionary chain culminated with a spot of tassel twirling and didn’t we love it.

There was some audience participation but nothing to cause any trepidation and at that time of night there were more than enough willing volunteers.

In fact at one point some folk were picked to participate in a fun game on stage which even offered a little prize and that always pulls them in.

Instinct was a showcase for burlesque at its best – you knew what to expect but then again, with the evolutionary theme, it was actually one nice surprise after another.

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Stuart Moore

Stu loves the buzz of FRINGE WORLD - wacky and quirky shows, sophisticated and sublime performances appealing equally. With school age children Stu often needs material for Dad jokes. When not out and about or slaving away at his day job, Stu coaches little athletics in summer and soccer in winter.

Ticket Price 27 - 30

End Date 17 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price 27 - 30
  • End Date 17 Feb 2019
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