Fringefeed | 05 Feb 2018

Infinite Jest presents: The Nasty Show

Are you tired of the same old run of the mill stand up?

Do you really enjoy swearing? Do you ever sometimes find yourself deep on a Reddit thread, and see a joke that makes you both laugh and baulk in slight horror?

Then you’ve found yourself the show for you. Infinite Jest Presents: The Nasty Show, is a lineup of comedians just waiting to offend and push the boundaries of political correctness.

Fair warning, if you ever shy away from anything that generally needs a trigger warning – this is not the show for you.

The show consists of a lineup of different comedians each night, the only one that stays consistent is your host and creator Jez Watts.

After Watts’ short set on stage, I felt like I knew him on an intimate level, maybe too intimate. That and he’s made sure I’ll never look at cheese the same way ever again.

Aside from Watts, the lineup for the night consisted of local Perth comedian David Tuffley, who in my opinion truly epitomized the name of the show.

The next to performer was Alissia Marsh, who prided herself in being a four-fingered lesbian. Although her set was quite short, she gave it her all.

And the last to round out the night, which was the highlight of the show for me, John Roberston. Despite the fact that his jokes weren’t the most offensive of the bunch, he brought the energy, and he made the show for me.

Oh, right and he stole some guys shoes and drank his beer.

They don’t call it the Nasty Show for no reason. If you don’t want to be offended, you should probably buy tickets to something else.

If you want to catch Infinite Jest Presents: The Nasty Show, it’s on every weekend during the FRINGE WORLD Festival, so don’t miss out. If offensive comedy isn’t your thing, Infinite Jest has plenty of other comedy shows on at Fringe that are worth a watch.

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Ticket Price $15

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  • Ticket Price $15
  • End Date 11 Feb 2019
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