Fringefeed | 18 Feb 2018

Iconic – A Brief History of Drag

Iconic is the perfect show for:
• Anyone that has any level of appreciation for drag;
• Anyone that has any level of appreciation for any level of talent; or
• Anyone that has any level of appreciation of a better Cher impersonation than Cher herself.

Iconic is a totally encapsulating, show stopping, sequinned hour of musical power. Velma Celli performs her pilgrimage to drag history and pays homage to names we know and love- from Bowie, to Rupaul, and back.

What becomes immediately clear from the outset is that Velma is a polished and classy performer.

Everything about her presentation is perfectly executed. Every contour, eye brow and dab of glitter is expertly crafted and creates a visual masterpiece that is difficult to look away from.

Beyond that, the show’s brilliance rests on two pillars: the music and the narrative.

Velma is supported by a zesty band and back-up singers who help fill the already pulsating tent with extra energy. Every song is perfectly picked and practiced – the Bowie and Freddie Mercury renditions will give you chills both in their performance and their significance in the narrative.

If that doesn’t leave you speechless, the medley of ‘diva queen’ impersonations will have you in tears of laughter.

I don’t think I will ever be able to look at Shakira without thinking of Velma any time soon.

While the typical drag queen persona is that of a sassy quick witted qween- Velma goes beyond this to illuminate the rarely seen backstory behind the sass.

She takes time to intertwine her history in theatre and personal journey to drag with exceptional vocal displays and readings from the ‘Drag Bible…(Bible)…(Bible)’.

Overall, Iconic is exceptional in every way and will leave you astounded that someone could be so bloody talented AND capable of perfect contouring.

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Danica Lamb

Danica is a management consultant and show host on Curtin Radio. As a FRINGE WORLD reviewer since 2016, she’s seen her fair share of puppets, punch lines, flips, feathers, routines and recitals - which means any five-star review is worth spending your bottom dollar on.

Ticket Price $14 - $26.50

End Date 25 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $14 - $26.50
  • End Date 25 Feb 2018
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