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I Can Make You Irish

By Lucy Helliwell on 01 Feb 2018

Mary is the kind of person who can make a joke out of anything, including the venue that she was given for her comedy show.

Tucked away in a small corner bar upstairs, Mary insisted that the black curtains falling down behind her were no reflection of her comedic abilities!

And she was right, her casual delivery of day to day observations gained her many laugh-out-loud moments.

You do not need to be Irish to appreciate this show, although if you’ve got an Irish mate, take them along as there’s a high chance they’ll be the subject of one of her gags.

She offers a quirky insight into the Irish culture and the stereotypes that accompany it. From binge drinking to leprechauns, and a little Ed Sheeran tossed in for good luck – she’s got it covered.

Mary has a unique way of painting the scene, with beautifully written words with a smattering of f-bombs!

She’s grounded and says it like it is, and takes enjoyment in mocking the most pretentious of society, with the skinny-latte sipping Melbournites certainly grinding her gears!

This comedian has totally won me over. Make space in your Fringe itinerary for this one, her Irish charm will guarantee a fantastic night.

10 Feb 2018
Multiple venues
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Lucy Helliwell

Lucy Helliwell

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