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How to Period Like a Unicorn

Lucy Peach is a woman who is comfortable with her body and talking/singing about her body. Peach was dressed in a sparkly, red, tight, playsuit that thematically was well suited to the show.

How to Period like a Unicorn, focuses on preparing teenagers for their 500 periods to come. But it is actually relatable for women of any age and I am sure informative for men of all ages.

The enthusiastic, Peach was accompanied by her husband Richard Berney, who creates live illustrations throughout the show and provides a lot of comedic support. The duo have fantastic chemistry on stage, while they enlighten people on the various stages of a period cycle – Reflective, Dynamic, Expressive and Creative.

Peach explains, in great detail, how to take advantage of each of these phases. Supporting this, Peach performs songs she has written, which are catchy and beautiful. Although she played guitar for some songs, others relied on backing tracks, which drowned out her vocals a little.

While Peach’s other show titled, My Greatest Period Ever, is aimed more at adults, she covers a lot of the same content, but tweaks it to her younger audience. She also interacts well with the crowd by asking people what phase they are in and inviting some to come up onto the stage.

Peach inspires young girls and women to not only embrace the different phases of their cycles, but to be themselves and be proud to be females.

While each woman may differ slightly to her defined phases, it encourages them to self-reflect on their energy levels and moods.

It is so great to have these conversations being shared. I hope to see a lot more from Lucy Peach.

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Jackie has a PhD in creative advertising and design. She teaches at the University of Western Australia, has published multiple books and critiques films for A-List Reviews. Other than talking and writing, she loves dancing, eating and travelling.

Ticket Price $16 - $20

End Date 25 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $16 - $20
  • End Date 25 Feb 2018
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