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Hot Sauce Burlesque Review

There was an overly excited vibe flowing through the Circus Theatre as fringe-goers took their seats in anticipation for a spiced-up performance by Adelaide’s hottest burlesque school, Hot Sauce Burlesque.

The burlesque scene was clearly something most of the audience was familiar with, but the Kleenheat Sizzle Factor rating of “hot” was the ultimate draw card.

The room was filled with people of all ages – but with each performer about to bring something different to the stage, there was something to please everyone.

The lights dimmed and the show began, hitting the audience like an energetic ton of bricks. Each shimmying, shaking, bumping and grinding performer raised the temperature in the theatre with their spicy, hot sauce-like acts.

While the main theme of the show was classic theatrical burlesque, there was more than just a small element of comedy.

There was giggling at parts, but there was also the sort of humour that warranted sore abdominal and cheek muscles. Much to everyone’s delight and to the performer’s credit, the show flowed seamlessly between the two.

The performers were enviously comfortable in their own skin – it was sexy and empowering, and it encouraged the audience to celebrate every body type with positivity.

It wouldn’t be surprising if each and every person left the show with more confidence in themselves – and that’s a powerful thing to achieve in under two hours.

One of the performances seemed a little “hens night stripper”, but the others were red hot burlesque with a modern day twist. All in all, it was engaging, energetic and hilariously entertaining.

It left the audience cheering for more and wanting to tell all their friends about it, but at the same time… there’s so much about it that is actually unexplainable. Hot Sauce Burlesque is a must see for anyone and everyone (above the age of 18, of course)!

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Gemma is a communications specialist with a passion for road trips, sunshine and the perfect cheese and wine pairing. When she’s not at the office or busy completing her bucket list degree in writing and literature, she’s a strong advocate for local bars and live music.

Ticket Price $25 - $29

End Date 02 Feb 2020

  • Ticket Price $25 - $29
  • End Date 02 Feb 2020
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Love love love this kind of show, kept me laughing and loves the outfits ! Destination Perth

Reviewed by Tracey Cinavas-Prosser 2020

A real treat of a variety show - every act different. We went just expecting burlesque but got so much more! We laughed, cheered, drooled and loved every moment.

Reviewed by Stacey 2020