Fringefeed | 22 Feb 2018

Herstory – Leading Ladies

Imogen Kelly is cheeky in more ways than one in Herstory – Leading Ladies. Satirical in nature, this is not a history lesson for the faint hearted.

A talented burlesque performer, Kelly takes audiences on a journey to explore the more risqué parts of historically powerful female figures.

A skilled performer, Kelly is celebrated as Australia’s Queen of Burlesque, and was crowned World Queen of Burlesque in 2012. Kelly is unafraid to show her versatility on stage and live up to these earned expectations.

The spectacular costuming was one of the highlights of the show. Kelly has created a visual feast. From gowns, to suit dresses, characters are creatively brought to life through dress. Kelly can undeniably be seen enjoying parading her decadent costumes (or lack thereof).

Body language is everything in a performance, especially in Burlesque and Kelly does not hold back. Using her body to match her characters’ personalities Kelly encapsulates the historical woman.

As this show is a satirical striptease, however, expect nudity and of course a bit of coarse language (she is portraying feisty femmes after all!).

The performance unquestionably builds. Kelly’s opener did not win over a somewhat conservative crowd. Her then subsequent unnecessary audience participation only served to distance the crowd further.

The flow is not always consistent, however it is burlesque after all! And Kelly will have you gripped by her performance.

So prepare for satire, stripteases and strong historical females. This is a burlesque show that encapsulates what Fringe is about.

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Emma Brand

Emma is back in action for round two at FringeFeed. She enjoyed it so much last year, she is now sporting a fringe herself! Now armed and ready with a Bachelor’s degree, Emma is relying on her humour and zany attitude to fumble her way through more adult life.

Ticket Price $15.50 - $35

End Date 24 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $15.50 - $35
  • End Date 24 Feb 2018
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