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Heathers the Musical

The adaptation of the film Heathers into musical theatre was first done in the United States of America and now it has come to Perth through FRINGE WORLD.

This dark comedy has been successfully reimagined as a musical with songs covering topics ranging from crude jokes about blue balls to shockingly deep themes such as suicide.

For those not familiar with the film Heathers, the narrative follows a teenager, at school named Veronica, who is invited to join the three popular girls all named Heather. She falls for a rebellious boy, who goes by the name JD. As teenage dramas arise the consequences lead to fights and even disturbing deaths.

The young performers were all wonderful with powerful voices, high energy and humorous acting. There is a strong dynamic among the cast, especially in the romantic scenes between the characters of Veronica and JD. Even the supporting cast were convincing in their roles, sometimes stealing the attention away from the leading stars.

The basic black set does not take away from the enjoyment of the show but leaves a lot to the imagination. The set mainly utilises three benches and a few small props like pillows, phones and drinks.

The costumes were also quite simple, but were used to represent the varying personalities that are at every school. This includes the popular girls, sporty guys, gothics, dorks and other tropes often seen in coming of age narratives.

With themes of bullying, revenge, violence and teen angst, the plot takes the audience on a roller coaster journey. For fans of the film, there is some variation, but the musical numbers certainly add an extra level of enjoyment.

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This Fringe production of Heathers the Musical was amazing. I bought tickets to the final performance; I was in the second row, but I don’t think it would have mattered where you were sitting - the cast had such powerful voices. And the small changes from the original Broadway version were great improvements. I would have loved to see this talented cast perform the West End version’s ‘You’re Welcome’ and ‘I Say No’. The dancing and singing was inspired. The crowd was so engaged, especially during their rendition of ‘My Dead Gay Son’ (the two dads were hilarious, and so was J.D.’s enthusiasm during that song). The cast and crew truly deserved the standing ovation they received. It’s the best Fringe show I’ve been to; my only regret is that I can’t immediately it again. I really hope it returns with Fringe next year - with the same cast! They were all so talented, especially those playing J.D. and Veronica. They had great chemistry and beautiful voices. I wish HAMA had provided programs, because I’d love to know all the cast members’ names. I’m sure a few of them will end up on Broadway soon. I’d highly recommend this show to everyone who needs a good laugh (and a cry).

Reviewed by Sarah 2020

This was amazing! The cast was great, in particular Heather Chandler, JD, and Veronica really shone. Veronica was inherently likeable, the actor of Heather Chandler seemed like the role was made for her, and JD's actor took some time to thrive but really brought the intensity and desperation of the character to life in the second act, such as in 'Meant to Be Yours'. They all did an excellent job, especially considering what was clearly a small budget/cut back set design. Often Perth gets the worst of the worst, so I expected this to be really amateur and was happily surprised at the voices of the cast. Well done all!

Reviewed by Emily Murphy 2020