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Hands some Feet


One of the things that impresses me most about acrobatic shows, is the ability to do something I could never do in my wildest dreams (I can trip over while standing still on a flat surface), and this Belgian duo did not fail to disappoint.

Clad in coordinated dungarees, Näykki and Zwick portrayed a kind of love story, as he initially tried to capture her attention with his juggling tricks.

Rather than simply performing traditional juggling, Zwick contorted his body in and around the juggling, twisting and turning to still catch the ball (almost) every time.

Throwing each other around the stage, we saw them get closer and closer in their performance.

Näykki then took a turn trying to impress, as the tightrope came out. She moved with such poise and grace along the tightrope, and if that wasn’t enough, she danced along and around the rope.

They finished the show with incredible skipping tricks, perfectly in-tune with the music and each other with their upbeat performance. I have difficulty jumping rope normally, so was amazed by them skipping in and around together and never missing a beat or a jump.

All-in-all, the performance was a wonderful and entertaining experience with incredible feats of acrobatics, juggling and coordinated skills. Näykki and Zwick kept us entertained with the story along the way and added life to their already impressive performance.

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Review by Amy Kapernick on 03 Feb 2018

Amy originally hails from Queensland, but moved to Perth 6 years ago and fell in love with what this city has to offer. She runs a web development business, is heavily involved in the Perth tech community and enjoys getting out and seeing what new things are going on in Perth.

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