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By Emma Brand on 27 Jan 2018

Grogwarts is a cunningly written Fringe show that will have you gasping at how far they will go. A proper ‘potty-mouthed’ performance. Come along if you are up for hilarious references to Margaret Court, rat tails, and vibrating cucumbers.

With a swish and a flick the Performing Arts Association of Notre Dame Australia (PAANDA) have transfigured the familiar plot of Harry Potter. Local references, and unfiltered Australian slang sets this a part from other Harry Potter parodies.

This 50-minute show is filled with no politically correct Aussie humour. It is sharp and fun, being politically relevant as well as harking back to nostalgic and perhaps tragic Australian traits.

Follow Stevo Pots, Ranga Holden and Vicky Coolabah into their first year at Grogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. See if they can figure out who is trying to close the school for good (and where that last Tim Tam went!).

Whilst this is a parody of the Harry Potter series, a previous knowledge of the JK Rowling’s story is not necessary to enjoy the show. The script leans on the original story more as a way to frame the characters and setting, however the main plot points place more emphasis on the Australian Bogan spin.

The cast, which also includes Professor Minge, Feltch and his cat Passionpop, and the Headmistress Professor Kingscup will have you amazed at how they can keep a straight face.

Characters such as Filch will have you nostalgic for the Harry Potter series. Whereas characters such as Professor Kingscup will have you laughing out your seat at how different she is to Jk Rowling’s Professor Dumbledore.

Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den is the perfect spot for this performance. Cosy and casual the location of the Brisbane hotel combines to give you a great Fringe night out, slightly away from the main areas.

This show is sure to keep you spellbound and guessing till the end!

Grogwarts runs during two periods of the FRINGE WORLD Festival. Catch it until January 28 or from February 2-4.

04 Feb 2018
Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den
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Emma Brand

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