Fringefeed | 16 Feb 2018

Grit and Glitter

The Wild West has arrived in Perth, and Donny V (short for Vomit) and Frankie Sin are the leaders of the Grit and Glitter Gang, a charismatic duo from the U.S. who aren’t afraid to showcase a collection of daring sideshow tricks.

Sporting suspenders, leather wrangler hat and a fantastic handlebar moustache, Vomit is the leader of the misfit couple and master of ceremonies.

He warms the crowd by asking us to join his gang for the evening and starts with simple tricks before moving to more and more dangerous feats, including a grotesque act called the Human Blockhead, which provoked many appalled looks in the audience.

His most impressive talent by far is sword swallowing, which he tweaks throughout the show by adding longer swords and audience involvement.

Frankie Sin, his lithe and porcelain-skinned female counterpart, is the glitter to his grit.

With large, expressive eyes and a dynamite smile, she plays the role of the ditzy assistant, but her spectacular skills with a bull whip, Houdini-style escapes, and a machete ladder prove she’s a performer who deserves a stronger, more vocal role.

If given the chance, her sultry powers could be more Marilyn Monroe and less Daisy Dukes, allowing her to truly whip the audience into submission.

The most curious and surprising act of the night is the blade box. Without giving too much away, it showcases the mind-bending contortionist talent of Sin, which audience members are encouraged to see up close by approaching the box onstage.

For a first night performance, the duo worked hard at times to invoke enthusiasm in the crowd, but they commanded attention at an impressive level nonetheless.

By adding more bite to their delivery and balanced cheekiness to their rapport, they are sure to win over audiences wherever they go. All considered, the act shines and glitters through the grit like sideshow gold in the pan.

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Laura Keenan

By day, Laura is a wrangler of two small humans who like sticks, chocolate, and farts. After hours, she writes stories and edits book manuscripts. FRINGE WORLD is Laura’s adult lolly shop—an endless, colourful variety of treats for which there’s not enough time or money to try them all.

Ticket Price $18 - $20

End Date 18 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $18 - $20
  • End Date 18 Feb 2018
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