Fringefeed | 19 Jan 2019

Gran In A Van

As a young adult I sometimes wonder what I’ll be like as an old lady and who I aspire to be like.

Well, after watching the opening night of Gran In A Van, I have my answer.

Near-on 60-year-old Leonie Clarke started stand-up late in life after a medical illness motivated her to get up on stage and make people laugh.

A Kwinana grandmother of four, Clarke is not moving to the slow lane anytime soon and 50 minutes of telling stories about living in a van, portaloo mishaps and road ragers will justify that.

With the hustle and bustle of Fringe opening night filling the streets of Perth I was excited to jump in a tent and see what this year’s Fringe had to offer.

An intimate venue already suggested that this was going to be a wholesome show and Leonie delivered just that as well as homemade biscuits. Um, yes please!

She did a great job at meeting the stereotypes of a Grandma when dishing out her baked goods and I don’t think anyone in the audience was complaining.

Overall, Clarke’s dry witty humour filled the Deluxe Tent with a consistent cycle of intent listening from the audience followed by roars of laughter.

I spent the duration of the show lingering onto every fragile word exiting Clarke’s aging mouth, waiting for her unique and unexpected punch lines.

What I loved about Gran In A Van is that Clarke doesn’t hold back.

Her honesty creates the backbone of her humour and her light-hearted attitude about not-so-light-hearted situations certainly puts things into perspective.

Going to see Gran In A Van will not only make you laugh like there’s no tomorrow but also make you feel a sense of gratitude towards life and how precious it really is.

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Giorgia Beasley

Giorgia is a professional pun writer and unprofessional parallel parker. She lives her life in a constant state of readiness for Julie Andrews to tell her she’s the Princess of Genova.

Ticket Price $17 - $22

End Date 25 Jan 2019

  • Ticket Price $17 - $22
  • End Date 25 Jan 2019
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Wow what can I say I went Friday night,
Opening of Fringe and went to see
I couldn't stop laughing, Leonie Clarke you are awesome keep up the great work and follow you're dreams, in my eyes your deserve a
5 star.

Reviewed by EDDIE GERACITANO 2019