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Monday night at 6.30pm is a tough timeslot for any performer but, after a subdued start, the classy cabaret troupe of the Glamourpuss show provided a very entertaining hour of song and dance.

The Perth Cabaret Collective has assembled a talented group of musicians, dancers and singers, all Perth/WA locals, and put together a classic cabaret show.

The jazz band was tight and in their brief solos each of the nine musicians showed us they have the musical chops in abundance.

With two trumpets and a trombone it was a brassy sound but together with three sax, keyboards, drums and double bass the full ensemble was just right for the occasion.

The burlesque dancers, including such luminaries as Fifi Fontaine and the Sugar Duchess, were uniformly delightful and cheeky with all the ladies moving seductively and making the most of their various assets.

The only thing missing was perhaps a costume change – that was left to the singers.

Upfront on vocal duties were the charismatic Mark Turner and sassy drag queen Cougar Morrison.

Band leader Jess Herbert implored us to shout and holler and go wild, but she didn’t really need to.

Things hotted up naturally when Cougar sang Piaf’s ‘Non je ne regrette rien’ and never slipped back thereafter.

Mark’s interpretation of Mack The Knife was a highlight as was the duet The Lady’s A Tramp complete with local references, providing another reminder that we were watching Perth’s finest.

Without a traditional MC the show needed to rock along, and it did, but perhaps there is an opening for a wisecracking front person to add to the variety and link the numbers.

As so often, the end of the performance came too quickly and walking out it was hard to believe it was a Monday night and still daylight – Glamourpuss had successfully transported us to late on a sultry Saturday night.

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Stuart Moore

Stu loves the buzz of FRINGE WORLD - wacky and quirky shows, sophisticated and sublime performances appealing equally. With school age children Stu often needs material for Dad jokes. When not out and about or slaving away at his day job, Stu coaches little athletics in summer and soccer in winter.

Ticket Price 30 - 35

End Date 16 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price 30 - 35
  • End Date 16 Feb 2019
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