Fringefeed | 19 Jan 2020


If you have any hesitation about seeing Gingzilla: Live & Loud, put it out of mind.

Heading in, you’d be expecting the 7-foot-tall ginger bearded lady to put on one sensational cabaret show — but within her empowering performance lies so much more.

Firstly, Gingzilla is fiercely talented, gorgeous and unabashedly herself. Towering over everyone in seven-inch heels, the internationally renowned star immediately captivated the room with her wit and charm.

In a spectacular display of song and dance, she demonstrated her vocal talents by starting us off with Cream’s ’Sunshine of Your Love’. It’s hard to not to fall in love her with her as soon as she steps into the spotlight and flaunts her glistening gown and unique brand of sass.

From intimate lap dances to banter and sensual costume changes, there was no shortage of feel-good entertainment for the night.

Although The Gold Digger is a smaller venue, she utilises the space well even with just a couple of props. In fact, what makes Gingzilla stand out is her ability to not only wholeheartedly embrace herself, but also the audience.

Through her curation of joyous anthems lined up for the night, her out-of-this-world vocal range took centre stage — with the drastic juxtaposition between her different octaves supplying countless laughs.

More importantly, Gingzilla delved into issues of acceptance and identity, in a world where discrimination and a lack of media representation exists. Instead of dwelling on her hardship, she inspired each individual to stay true to themselves and who they long to be. Within her pensive songs and vulnerable side, she gave the audience nothing but chills as she took us on a journey close to her heart.

By the end, Gingzilla had left all glowing and thanking her with a standing ovation, to which she remained humble. Smiling from ear to ear, she wrapped up the night perfectly by getting us on our feet and onto the stage for one final cathartic sing-a-long.

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Fabulous show. Ging captivated us all and gave us the best time. What a talent. Such a fun show not to be missed.

Reviewed by Theresa 2020

DO NOT MISS THIS.......everyone and I mean everyone left smiling and feeling just that little bit better about themselves and the world!

Reviewed by David moses 2020