Fringefeed | 20 Jan 2020

Fuego Carnal

How can someone shoot a flaming arrow with their feet? How can someone play a bagpipe that’s also on fire? How much death-defying stunts can one show pack into sixty minutes? How many fire puns can you hear in that time?

If these are questions that you would love to hear the answers to, Fuego Carnal is the absolute must see show for you this year at FRINGE WORLD.

Fuego Carnal is jam-packed with breath-taking performances that both control and revere the elements of fire, ice, and air. This show is an exhilarating experience run by Sophie and Jacob McGrath of Dream State Entertainment, and presents an eclectic mix of talented performers from around the world. No performance is the same, and every moment is awe-inspiring.

Fuego Carnal commands the use of fire in almost all of their acts, showcasing it as an element that is both beautiful and deadly, and using it as a metaphor for passion and lust.

Every minute is full of sensual music, exciting and beautiful choreographed performances, and a wonderfully irreverent self-awareness for how dangerous and beautifully strange their entire show is.

Some standouts, without spoiling too much of this wonderful show, include the hilarious ‘Mistress of Ceremonies’ Aurora Kurth, one of kind archer Orissa Kelly, and Perth’s own Cam McAzie as ‘The Bad Piper’. But every single performer in this show is diverse and absolutely amazing.

Fuego Carnal is a stunning, fiery spectacle that needs to be seen to be believed. No amount of words can describe how breath-taking this show is, and it is definitely worthy of the hype surrounding it.

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Tahnee Clarke

Tahnee is a fun and unique lover of all things FRINGE WORLD and the arts. Enjoy her fresh perspective on the wild world of Fringe.

Ticket Price $36 - 65

End Date 16 Feb 2020

  • Ticket Price $36 - 65
  • End Date 16 Feb 2020
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Absolutely amazing, had me in the edge of my seat!! Very well run with great acts, would recommend 100%. Hope to go again next year!

Reviewed by Courtney 2020

What a brilliant show! I saw Fuego Carnal last night with a group of friends and we were all glued to the stage. Every act was a knockout, the music was fantastic and the performers clearly loved every second of what they were doing. It was funny, mesmerising, and hugely entertaining! I would definitely see this again.

Reviewed by Anna Elliott 2020