Fringefeed | 28 Jan 2019


Walking into Rehearsal Room 1 at the State Theatre Centre to see FRONT feels like walking in on a band practice. They’re playing, drumming, shouting, swearing and generally rocking out.

The atmosphere is exciting and electric, partly inspired by writer/director Michael Abercromby’s time managing a live music pub.

FRONT’s tale unfolds in a fairly conventional theatrical style as we witness the band’s (Rough Cut Punt) rise to fame and all the conflicts, moral corruption and power plays that go along with it, followed by a steep and rapid descent from the top of the game.

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Noemie Huttner-Koros

Ticket Price $20.50 - $29

End Date 26 Jan 2019

  • Ticket Price $20.50 - $29
  • End Date 26 Jan 2019
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