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In the loud but almost empty Henry Summer bar, right at the back, in a glassed windowed, secluded room are a stage, a smattering of chairs and Kate Smurthwaite, chin wagging about how her love for her partner James doesn’t get in the way of her engaging in sex with other men.

She reminds me of Bridget Jones, without all the fumbling and mistakenly sexual innuendos – no, she shamelessly means her innuendos. It’s the accent, and the British references; her humour is quite similar, too. She dons a denim jumpsuit, perfectly embodying her brand: slightly saucy (few buttons undone at the top) and up for anything.

The show has the tone of a humorous informational evening. She combines her knowledge and jokes with PowerPoint slides that detail the main inquiries she will be addressing during the performance.

No doubt members of the audience wanted the answers to these taboo questions more than they would ever admit. The numerous digs at monogamy irked me, however.

As while she was trying to explain poly it seemed unnecessary to sacrifice other people’s notions of happiness for the sake of an argument. It compromised our view of her as open-minded and accepting.

Kate’s show was fun and interactive, she amiably called on her crowd on various occasions and the small group was open to the participation.

The comedienne handled alcohol-fuelled comments with experienced ease and was only lost for words once or twice – and even then, this was barely perceptible due to her quick subject turnaround.

Her anecdotes are sweet and reflect positively on her lifestyle.

I’m not sure if it changed anyone’s minds regarding her topics but it is worth hearing her poignant show. As we sat, enthralled in our veiled seminar, we discovered Kate’s likeability through her audience engagement.

This, coupled with her sarcastic wit, interred us happily for the following late show she was hosting at the same venue.

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Ticket Price $13 - $25

End Date 07 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $13 - $25
  • End Date 07 Feb 2018
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