Fringefeed | 30 Jan 2019

Evan Desmarais: Excitable

Evan Desmarais is a well-travelled man. From Canada, London, the Peruvian Mountaintops and the Perth Duty Free zone.

Evan Desmarais also has a huge heart. That much is obvious. The way he speaks about his family, his home country and his ex-girlfriends is endearing, so much so that his sentiments about missing them are sometimes sadder than they are humorous.

Evan is quick on his feet and works well with the intimate crowd. He reads the audience to perfection and knows when to move on or hone in.

If you enjoy watching your Fringe peers squirm under pressure from a straight-talking comedian, then you are in for a treat.

The show is non-linear and generally sees Desmarais take us on a journey of his life lessons as a reformed “f*cc boi” to the cuddle pot he is today.

The topics he touches on about family, isolation and respect are all deeply relatable but sometimes his narratives fail to hit home with a punchline or purpose.

More so, the cultural divide between his experiences in shady London bars and the audience of a Perth arts festival are difficult to reconcile and left us wondering if the anecdote was purely a bit of a humble brag or meant to be laughed at.

Desmarais interacts well with the audience but does himself a disservice by breaking his pace to ask specific members exactly what they are laughing at.

If nothing else, Evan Desmarais is warm and engaging. He rolls with the punches and values every audience member for their presence and attention.

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Danica Lamb

Danica is a management consultant and show host on Curtin Radio. As a FRINGE WORLD reviewer since 2016, she’s seen her fair share of puppets, punch lines, flips, feathers, routines and recitals - which means any five-star review is worth spending your bottom dollar on.

Ticket Price $22 - $28

End Date 03 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $22 - $28
  • End Date 03 Feb 2019
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