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Empire Club

A dazzling sexy variety show. Leave your inhibitions at the door – expect the unexpected! This is pure entertainment! Fun, risqué and intoxicating.

Welcome to the Empire Club, Whisky A’More’s exciting new show with a titillating line-up of the best of the diverse talent at Fringe. Surrender yourself to the delights of fantasy and fun in the expert hands of the host, the exuberant Tash York. Everybody is welcome at the Empire Club and guaranteed a good time in this sumptuous wonderland.

The show is swift and spirited and immediately immerses you with the seductive glamour of an intimate 1920’s speakeasy, a special place where you can forget reality and time, settle back, sink into simply enjoying the pure pleasure of being entertained and teased with a range of lively and sophisticated cabaret routines, song, comedy and even circus.

The show doesn’t skip a beat, from the opening act through to the end. It’s incredible value, offering eight amazing performers in one show.

The variety of performers includes the delight of Chloe the Cocaine; the charming rogue Logy on Fire, who does a great comedic juggling routine; the red-hot fire eater (who had me holding my breath at what she can do!) and the infamous, very golden and very funny Trigger Happy, from America’s Got Talent.

The unstoppable Tash York royally entertained with her incredible voice and a great comedic song routine that had the whole audience laughing. Whisky herself performed a hauntingly lovely and classic vintage burlesque arrangement, with a surprising modern twist, demonstrating why she was rapidly adopted as one of Perth’s darlings.

Whisky, a veteran of the burlesque scene and Fringe is also producing and starring in the new Cabaret Le Papillon and Perth’s long-time favourite Flight of Fancy variety show. Sheer delight – surrender to being entertained!

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End Date 25 Jan 2020

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  • End Date 25 Jan 2020
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Reviewed by Irek 2020

I've always found with burlesque that unless it's done really well it's just not worth it. Burlesque shows tend to be hit and miss and this one definitely falls into the latter category. It's a good idea to show a variety of artists (some of whom used this as an opportunity to promote their own solo shows at Fringe, which is fair enough) but there was not much to write home about here (and neither I nor my two companions felt enticed to follow up on any of the artists). The two acts that stood out for me were the amazing, very sweet contortionist and the MC who, with her bubbly personality, tried her heart out to whip up the audience's excitement (and who did a very good singing performance of her own). Having said that, the audience was perhaps the real star here: very generous and keen to have a good time they cheered along regardless (though the cheers became substantially less enthusiastic in the latter half of the show). I saw that this show has received some raving reviews elsewhere and I'm glad that there's people out there who really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, we didn't.

Reviewed by Sven K. Baker 2020