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I shuffled into the West Australian Spiegeltent along with three hundred plus other Friday night revellers, not knowing anything about Elixir or its three performers, but I left googling Head First Acrobatics (and no, it’s got nothing to do with how jaw-droppingly gorgeous the boys were).

Elixir introduces three clumsy subjects in a laboratory, who follow instructions from above (an unseen, unemotive female voice bellows from the speakers, stereotypical of sci-fi), instructing the three to ingest different vales of elixir.

The audience are then treated to an on-stage spectacle of strength where the subjects are turbo-charged in a show that combines balance, breakdancing and even beatbox.

But this is not all; Elixir showcases a plethora of different disciplines, skills and talent, pumped into 65 minutes, where all three stars of the show Harris, Gorham and Thomas, have the opportunity to perform solo, as well as together.

Elixir will quite literally take your breath away one moment with feats of strength and stunts never seen before, yet make you chuckle like a clown the next.

Elixir is a cocktail of modern Aussie larrikinism complemented by old-fashioned slapstick.

The physical comedy engaged the audience throughout with a polished comedic performance by Thomas, (the runt of the litter who turned out to be anything but in the end), and the soundtrack is the stuff of an audiophile’s fantasies (with some serious crowd pleasers thrown in there too).

With only 10 minutes to go, the audience could palpably sense we were building to a crescendo, but I don’t think anyone expected the final reveal. It was Fringetastic finery. That’s all I’ll say.

Playing to a sold out spiegeltent on a Friday night is absolutely where this treasured trio should be and I can’t wait to see what Head First Acrobatics plan for Fringe 2019 and beyond.

Don’t be a chicken. Knock a shot of Elixir back.

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Danielle Rock

Danielle Rock is a Fringe fanatic. She has a BA in English and works in International Education, though at the moment it’s all #motherhood. Besides being a full-time children’s entertainer and excelling in her role as chief toy-picker-uperer, she loves singing and strumming badly, giving into wanderlust and correcting people’s grammar.

Ticket Price $18 - $35

End Date 25 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $18 - $35
  • End Date 25 Feb 2018
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