Fringefeed | 09 Feb 2020

Eleanor Conway: You May Recognise Me From Tinder

Eleanor Conway’s sold-out stand-up routine manages to make a crowd laugh at what might otherwise be seen as a rather disturbing and depressing account of addictive personality disorder.

Fortunately for Conway, she not only has the comedic skills to pull this off, she also exudes an infectious unflagging energy which gets the audience on her side as soon as they enter, even when she’s embarrassing the hell out of them.

If you go to the show and dislike being the centre of attention, don’t sit in the front row, which the rest of us used as human shields. And for your own sake and everyone else’s, don’t talk during her act unless you need (or want to need) urgent medical attention.

Five years sober, Conway reflects on what she most misses about drinking, then describes adventures in searching for satisfying sex with the aid of new advances in internet and cell phone technology.

After trying Tinder, she worries that she’s unintentionally ended up in a relationship. When that ends, she switches to another app for even faster hook-ups with even less intimacy, with even less success.

She experiments with long-term and long-distance relationships, dabbles briefly in full service sex work, has (mostly) better results with web-camming, and even tries celibacy.

This story is delivered with verve, some brilliantly funny similes and one-liners, and no perceptible trace of bitterness or self-pity beyond a few hints of wistfulness. Yes, you’re laughing at someone’s misfortune, but she’s laughing along with you.

Conway is so engaging that audience members of widely ranging ages and levels of intoxication, at least two genders and varying sexual preferences, willingly disclose details of their private lives and private parts in exchange for details of her exploits and her copyright fellatio technique.

It all adds up to an entertaining hour for anyone who doesn’t take sex too seriously.

About the Author

Stephen Dedman

Stephen Dedman is the author of five novels and more than 120 short stories published and reprinted and in an eclectic variety of anthologies and magazines and languages. He’s worked as a bookseller, actor, museum exhibit and experimental subject, and taught creative writing at UWA and the Forensic Science Centre.

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End Date 16 Feb 2020

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  • End Date 16 Feb 2020
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Boring material, barely any laughs, lots of walk outs. One young woman slept throughout the show. The only one who seemed to be enjoying it was the woman who was flyering for her show earlier. A hard pass.

Reviewed by Kyleigh 2020

VERY funny lady about all things NAUGHTY! The group of girls next to me were nearly wetting themselves!

My stubborn boyfriend says he didn't enjoy it so much but to be honest, he was slapping his thighs with laughter at points - even though he would never admit that!

I would definitely recommend seeing Eleanor after a few cheeky beverages with your girlfriends!

Oh! And sit near the front if you want full view of her very explicit miming!!

Reviewed by Bridget 2020