Fringefeed | 22 Feb 2018

El Bizarro

El Bizarro presented us with a sample of Danger Cabaret’s extensive rotating stable of burlesque, sideshow freak, and vaudeville performers. We were warned that it would be disturbing. Perhaps that was overhype, but it was freaky.

Magnus Danger Magnus, the exuberant Master of Ceremonies, tied the show together. He kept the audience whipped into a frenzy throughout. Magnus roared out each performer’s name with such enthusiasm however that it was difficult to understand their names.

Karl Kayoss, the reigning Mr Boylesque Australia, was the first act. He came on stage in kinky gothic gear (gas mask, leather corset, heels) and did an erotic, athletic strip. It involved backflips (in heels!) and a one-armed handstand on an elevated board.

Next up was Jacqueline Furey, in an elegant gown and one long black glove. She did a classy, sexy strip incorporating two fire-wands, and came into direct contact with the flames. Hot!

Then it got disturbing. Damien Kenny came on with a large rag-doll and a briefcase full of over-size syringes. Shooting up the doll set a morbid tone for what was to come next. People were squirming, especially when seeing the tips of the syringe poke through the skin when coming out the other side.

Bernie Dieter, Queen of Weimar punk Kabarett was next. She presented to us photographs illustrating the similarity between human male genitalia and the Water Bear. She has her own separate show at FRINGE WORLD, Little Death Club.

Finally, Perth’s own sideshow freaks, Circus Carnis. The Princess of Pain danced and jumped barefoot in a large tray of broken glass. The Reverend Butcher lifted a beer keg on a cord looped through an aperture-like piercing in a part of a man’s anatomy that was not intended by nature to support such weight.

El Bizarro presented us with weirdly beautiful girls and boys, and disturbing sideshow freaks. It was kinky, gothic-sexy, weird, and fun.

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Doc Clary

Doc Clary performed in some of the most fun and obscure bands in the Pilbara and the NT before settling in Perth. Doc has been a FRINGE WORLD binger since its inception.

Ticket Price $25.50 - $35

End Date 17 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $25.50 - $35
  • End Date 17 Feb 2019
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