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Edgy, Contemporary, Feminist & Fabulous

*Content Warning: Not for the faint-hearted or anyone who was offended by the latest Gillette ad.

The evening was hosted by the one and only Carletta the Great, who has brought her panel show to FRINGE WORLD to help encourage the discussion of feminism and empower not just women, but everyone, to break our glass ceilings.

And for this event, she started off by highlighting some of the great women-empowering songs of the eighties. Oh wait, there aren’t really any.

With a different theme and panel for each event, this particular event hosted two guests from out of town and one Perth local, each dressed in their own particular flavour of drag.

Throughout the evening, the panel discussed their own experiences in the community, whether it be as a woman dressing as a drag queen, an alternative drag queen or a trans-woman who continues to perform in drag.

In a world that’s more complex than most outsiders might realise, it was interesting to hear each person’s journey and the obstacles and prejudices they encountered (and then overcame) along the way.

Throughout the evening they all tackled various questions surrounding feminism and shared their efforts to fight the patriarchy.

It was inspiring to hear the stories of others from different walks of life, and how they were helping the feminist movement.

And if nothing else, it was inspiring to see such dedication in the layers of felt, velvet and full-body Lycra suits when Perth temperatures were topping 40 degrees.

Note that each event has a different topic, so the Facebook page for the event will list the line-up and topic ahead of time.

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Amy is a freelance developer, who spends her time volunteering at various community events in Perth, works as an evangelist for YOW! and is a Twilio Champion. In her spare time, she blogs about tech, the web and life and speaks at various conferences all over the world.

Ticket Price $17.50 - $25

End Date 03 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $17.50 - $25
  • End Date 03 Feb 2019
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