Fringefeed | 20 Jan 2020

Eddy Brimson: An Englishman’s guide to getting it wrong Part 4 … No, 5 … Or is it 6? Awww f**k it

Sporting the red tan lines we all know identifies a Brit down under, Eddy takes us through various skits as he imparts the secret to a happy life.

Armed with his dry British humour, Eddy regales us with tales of his love life, previous careers and difficulties of being a comedian on the road, even turning to the audience for assistance at times (with consent of course).

This is a show guaranteed to brighten your evening (and I’d know, I’d had a horrific day before coming and I was still in stitches within the first 5 minutes), Eddy instills his wisdom, explaining the secrets of love, how positive thinking comes from odd socks and why Englishmen will do anything if there’s a free drink involved.

So make sure you don’t miss the chance to learn the secrets of the universe, you’ve only got 4 chances left to see the show… No, 5… Or is it 6? Awwww f**ck it.

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Amy Kapernick

Amy is a freelance developer, who spends her time volunteering at various community events in Perth, works as an evangelist for YOW! and is a Twilio Champion. In her spare time, she blogs about tech, the web and life and speaks at various conferences all over the world.

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