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Buy tickets to see Driftwood immediately and then finish reading this review. Okay? Go.

Driftwood is easily the best Fringe show I’ve seen all year (and possibly ever). It is pure talent that doesn’t need props, sequins, sassy MCs or jazz bands to keep you totally enthralled over 60 minutes.

The production revolves around the interaction of five very talented performers who intertwine, lift, throw, climb and swing around one another in a sort of kinetic nucleus. These individuals aren’t one trick ponies either- each plays a differing role in every segment much to audience’s surprise and delight.

It is impossible to deny the chemistry and commitment within the group- a clear indication of hours upon hours of practice and an unbreakable trust.

There is minimal reliance on traditional ‘circus’ equipment to exhibit the skills of the performers, nor does the show need any type of new-age contraptions to entertain and engage.

What these individuals do with their strength, flexibility and agility alone is beyond outstanding.

There is absolutely nothing that could be improved within the production.

Without speaking a word, the tone and narrative of the production is perfectly set and continues to develop over the evening. The music is perfectly picked to amplify and emphasise the routines without detracting from them (also perfect to reignite your forgotten love of Gotye).

While I used to measure the ‘goodness’ of a show with how much your face and hands hurt from smiling and clapping in awe, Driftwood takes this to another level.

You find yourself smiling, hands pressed together, eyes completely locked on the motion in front of you as the crowd around you audibly exclaim ‘no ways’ and ‘oh my goshs’.

You’re not quite sure when to clap because every twist and turn is amazing so you find yourself in a slow-clap constantly until the routine reaches its crescendo and you can finally go into rapturous applause.

So what next? Seeing as you’ve already bought your tickets… send out an office-wide email, post in every group chat and call your mum about seeing Driftwood. You’ll want to claim all the credit for finding the best Fringe show Perth has to offer.

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Ticket Price $23 - $32

End Date 11 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $23 - $32
  • End Date 11 Feb 2018
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