Fringefeed | 24 Jan 2020

Dreamtime on the Derbarl Yerrigan

An engaging and thought-provoking hour with Local Elder Walter McGuire in a unique and picturesque setting.

Together with his wife Meg McGuire, Walter invites the audience to embrace Whadjuk Noongyar culture and tradition, sharing stories of the Dreamtime as the Crystal Swan sails gently down the Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River).

Softly-spoken, casual, and with a quick-witted sense of humour, it is clear that Walter is a seasoned storyteller.

Even with the surrounding purple glow of the sunset, the lapping of the water, and the skyline in the distance, it is difficult not to give him your full attention.

Walter has the kind of presence that makes you sit up and listen because you think he has something important to say.

Well, he certainly does.

Switching between stories of the land and stories from his own life, Walter explores the history of this ancient place that many of us call home, asking us to think about the not-so-distant past as we look to the future.

Whether he’s speaking of the Six Noongyar Seasons, The River, or Yagan & Midgegooroo, Walter’s style of storytelling is comfortable, familiar, and welcoming, with many laughs along the way.

At times, he offers Noongyar names and words for various places and things and encourages the audience to repeat them back to him. At other times, he sings. It’s an hour that feels less like a FRINGE show, and more like a conversation with an old friend.

Dreamtime on the Derbarl Yerrigan is a memorable show in a unique venue that is worth seeing this FRINGE WORLD Festival. The only downside is that it’s over all too quickly.

Take your friends, take your parents, or go solo – Meg and Walter are guaranteed to make you feel right at home.

About the Author

Claudia Mancini

Claudia Mancini is an arts producer and facilitator who is passionate about using the arts for social impact. Through the Centre for Stories, she works in collaboration with various organisations to collect stories from community members. Claudia is interested in the intersection of, and anything related to, storytelling, feminism, and mental health.

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End Date 13 Feb 2020

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  • End Date 13 Feb 2020
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Love his easy going storytelling style. It makes his thoughts, memories and stories so much more personal.

Reviewed by Fiona Reid 2020