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Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School

Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School is a series of life drawing classes across Fringe venues.

Does the idea of putting a stick figure on paper create a sweat? Do you prefer lovingly putting time into elaborate artworks? It doesn’t matter your skill level, this class has you covered when you draw a random artist from FRINGE WORLD 2020. Just don’t forget to bring your art supplies!

For the class I attended, I had the pleasure of drawing Brandy Savage, an energetic fire dancer who was a pleasure to draw.

However, despite the amazing concept, the only interesting thing I viewed was the performer. The best part of the show was the amazing costumes of Savage, which would be worth watching as a separate performance. Savage is really energetic and contorted her body into cool shapes.

The hostess and her time keeping sidekick seemed distracted and flat. Several times during the sketching, the hostess kept saying she forgot her props or unaware of time constraints. The time keeping side kick spent more time on the phone. She also kept talking during the sketching time making it confusing as to when it was starting. There was also a flat audience participation game which was uncomfortable to watch. It felt like a disinterested, rush job.

Regardless of your drawing skills, the artistic environment is very welcoming and you can put your finished works out on display.

Some tips for budding artists: B.Y.O art supplies.

This event is great for solo artists or people who want to bring a buddy along.

If you feel like (safely) channeling Vincent Van Gogh, drinks are available before the class.

If you really enjoyed attending Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School, as much as I did during FRINGE WORLD; there is one more show in February 2020 – duo Familiar Spirits – and an additional (hopefully better) four shows later in the year.

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Elizabeth is a professional writer and small business owner currently residing in Perth. She’s back for her second year of reviewing FRINGE WORLD! In her spare time, she enjoys new experiences with her young family. She is a passionate advocate of supporting local and is looking forward to Fringe in 2020.

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Life drawing with a fringe performer as the model (not nude). Bring your art supplies and limber fingers for some quick sketching & a mini-performance.

Reviewed by Kate Fisher 2020