Fringefeed | 13 Feb 2019

Don’t Judge Country (Cause It Starts With…)

Learn why country music is better than you think, at this rip-snorter, rib-tickling cabaret show by Perth local Cinzia Lee.

Lee’s show, Don’t Judge Country (cause it starts with…) is an upbeat exploration of the fun and funny aspects of country music.

Beginning with a medley of Dolly Parton songs, Lee displays her considerable stage presence and perfectly pitched voice.

She is keen to promote her own love of country music and not least, deep admiration of none other than country icon, Billy Ray Cyrus.

Backed by an on point three-piece band of piano, guitar and bass, Lee effortlessly moves from crooning the classics like Johnny Cash’s Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart to chatting with the audience about the finer points of Billy Ray’s life.

The audience is encouraged to join in the fun, participating in a guessing game based on titles of country music songs, trying their hand at gum leaf blowing and singing along to the well-known staples of country including The Gambler.

Lee covers off both American and Australian country music in her set.

Lee Kernaghan’s Boys From The Bush was a crowd favourite, along with other liberal references to kangaroos. If you’ve never heard of it, coming along to hear the fantastic ditty Jesus, Dropkick Me Through the Goalposts of Life is well worth it.

The cabaret reaches peak country with the finale Achy Breaky Heart, of course, and full sing-along mode is embraced by everyone.

Lee is clearly a seasoned professional and presents the quirky side of country music without a trace of irony.

Her genuine love of stagecraft is evident in her well-structured set and her positive stage presence is infectious.

Lee is another example of the excellent home-grown talent Western Australia has, able to shine in a festival like FRINGE WORLD.

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Amber Blake

This is Amber’s second year as a FRINGE WORLD reviewer, and she manages to suppress the urge to shout I’M BACK, BABY! Amber’s regular 9 to 5 is writing grown up documents for the government but her true passion is writing reviews and observations, which enables her main hobby; people watching. A long-time audience member of FRINGE WORLD, you’ll find Amber at random shows throughout the festival, not waiting for friends to get their own tickets organised. Life is too short to miss out on funny and weird!

Ticket Price 34 - 42

End Date 16 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price 34 - 42
  • End Date 16 Feb 2019
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