Fringefeed | 19 Jan 2019

Do You SEA Me?

Ahoy, me hearties, batten down the hatches because FRINGE WORLD has officially begun.

What better way to set sail on this month-long adventure then with Do You SEA Me, a circus show filled with mesmerising tricks and some first-class juggling, all led by Perth local Pirateman Michael?

Do You SEA Me is a delightful take on circus, even with all the boisterous sea shanties thrown in.

After all, Pirateman Michael is an accomplished juggler who pulls off some dazzling manoeuvres that will certainly shiver timbers and other such piratical euphemisms.

What the show lacks in narrative it more than makes up for in wondrous tricks: dexterity and skill merge with awe-inspiring little dashes of illusion.

A swathe of crystal balls is made to dance Pirateman Michael’s palms through a technique called contact juggling, all before he spins blazing and hypnotic fire poi.

Even the use of LED juggling was a joyous touch that will certainly make the young, and young-at-heart, smile with glee.

One of the great marks of any performer is one who, when a trick fails, they keep going until they nail said trick, and this is certainly true of Pirateman Michael.

Of course, you can never tell if these “trick fails” are part of the show, because they essentially add to the overall drama and tension, each hiccup heightening expectation until finally – and expertly – delivered.

Pirateman Michael must be commended for his perseverance and ultimate delivery, especially with one of the tricks: an audacious balancing of a crystal ball upon his head while juggling.

More a visual feast of expert juggling meets pirate magic, Do You SEA Me is a charming, kid-friendly and outright wholesome experience.

What makes this show even more heart-warming is Pirateman Michael’s evident love and joy for his craft: he truly does shine throughout.

A Homegrown Hero well worth checking out.

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Scott-Patrick Mitchell

Scott-Patrick Mitchell (SPM) is a West Australian performance poet and writer. SPM appears in such literary journals as Island, Southerly, Westerly and Cordite. SPM has been writing since 1998 and has been involved in the West Australian arts scene since 2002. Visit his 'gram, @spmpoet, for daily doses of wholesome micropoetry.

Ticket Price $15 - $21

End Date 21 Jan 2019

  • Ticket Price $15 - $21
  • End Date 21 Jan 2019
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A sea adventure filled with fire, LED's and crystal balls... What's not to love?!?! 😁

Reviewed by Catherine Podesta-Mooney 2019

I loved it! Fun, fantastic, exciting, and family-friendly!

Reviewed by STEVEN WOODHAMS 2019