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DIVAS – All Male Revue

Going to see a drag queen cabaret performance is always setting yourself up for a fun night out.

You expect to see extravagant fabulousness, over-the-top impersonations of diva-tastic celebrities and lip-syncs to classic musical theatre songs. The costume changes are amazing and the energy is off the charts. It’s a treat.

DIVAS- All Male Revue was most certainly a fun time to be had.

Held at the historical Connections Nightclub, the act was a showcase of celebrity impersonations and performances to numerous well-known musicals.

Between acts, the charismatic local drag queen known as DJ Feminem kept the crowd entertained with her anecdotes and personal stories.

Some stand-out moments of the night for me included an incredibly high-energy performance of the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show and a one-woman impersonation of Beyonce.

The performers clearly had their favourite acts throughout the show. These moments were hilariously fun and important tributes to some beloved moments of LGBTQ+ theatre.

However, the energy fell flat during several parts of the show.

The dance numbers seemed almost clinical at times despite being extremely well-choreographed.

That being said, this did not detract from the sheer fun of the show.

When the energy rose again, the acts were delightful and funny, and the wonderful MC Feminem kept the spirits high and the laughs coming.

She was definitely a standout throughout the show. All of the performers had their standout moments that were performed with obvious passion and love.

DIVAS- All Male Revue, although seeming to have a somewhat rough night, was definitely a fun and easy watching, and a good show to see with a couple of wines with your friends.

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  • End Date 26 Jan 2019
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