Fringefeed | 09 Feb 2020

Disney in Drag: Once Upon a Parody

Disney in Drag is brilliantly ballsy. The collective of local WA performers and artists, the Hairy Godmothers, have created a show that has shock, surprise and a whole lot of sass.

Appropriately staged at a palace (even if it is Raine Square), expect to be catapulted down the rabbit hole into an alternate Disney universe before you even set foot inside the auditorium.

The performers erupt from the venue in costume to panto-esquely greet their guests. That coupled with a heartfelt Welcome to Country establishes the value framework within which Disney in Drag and its performers are operating.

If, like me, you’d have somewhat superficially expected the traditional drag glitz, glamour, sass and slapstick, (with some familiar Disney costumes, songs and routines thrown in), don’t worry, you get all of that, but a whole lot more.

The show smashes down heteronormative gender roles without the need of a magic hook and seriously don’t expect to be sitting on the sidelines; if you want to be part of the show there are more opportunities than dalmatians to get involved.

Expect your childhood memories to be warped forever; The Little Mermaid totally twists the meaning of having “gadgets and gizmos a plenty” and who knew Pocahontas could paint with the colours of, well, let’s just say it’s not the wind.

All the performers impressively reimagine Disney classics with lyrics that are a wonderfully witty window into our modern western world of sexual freedom and expression, online dating and, er, sandwiches.

All artists truly shine, but Owen Merriman who plays the majestic AF Hairy Godmother, was the glittery bearded glue of the performance for me. His relatable wit and deadpan delivery had the audience giggling like a Mad Hatter from the outset, and there was palpable excitement whenever the loveable larrikin entered the stage.

A reimagined Lord Flashheart and recycling of Blackadder comedy at the finale was expertly executed. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who noticed this nod to BBC comedy gold.

Through its lens of hilarious scrutiny, Disney in Drag will entertain, surprise and unite. Get yourself down there pronto and see it for yourself. You’re welcome.

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Danielle Rock

Danielle Rock is a Fringe fanatic. She has a BA in English and works in International Education, though at the moment it’s all #motherhood. Besides being a full-time children’s entertainer and excelling in her role as chief toy-picker-uperer, she loves singing and strumming badly, giving into wanderlust and correcting people’s grammar.

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"No idea what i just saw" - the show in a sentence. Unfortunately I was not a fan of this show at all. I found it very staggered. The puns and jokes weren't funny as it felt forced and uncomfortable for the performers. They didnt even really seem into it themselves. The show just didn't seem worth the money I had spent. If i could get a refund on my time and money I would. Some of the time you could barely hear the performers singing/talking. The storyline was a little silly and didnt have the best ending either. There was just no natural flow to the show. I would not recommend and don't think it should make a return.

Reviewed by Court 2020

Fantastic show, such strong positive messages for all genders, would recommend to my friends! Laughed so much I cried

Reviewed by Jacky 2020