Fringefeed | 19 Jan 2019

Dirty Jazz

FRINGE WORLD is once again bringing a chock-full of wonders to Perth, and this weekend’s show Dirty Jazz is by no means an exception.

Opening in Fremantle’s stunning new blues venue Duke of George, jazz singing icon Jessie Gordon and talented pianist Adrian Galanté make a hilariously raunchy, yet classy performance that will have you dancing, clapping and laughing your way home.

The show pulls up the dirtiest songs from the dark depths of the Swing era, sung in Gordon’s powerful and sensual tones.

Complete with her sparkling number and sexy updo, you’ll be transported back in time and shocked by the filthy undertones (and in some cases, not-so-inconspicuous-tones) of catchy jazz originals.

Gordon’s charismatic stage presence is complemented by Adrian’s witty remarks and accompanying musical notes, never failing to make the audience giggle and join in on the fun.

The performance decidedly picked up its pace as the night wore on, when the tame songs became less tame and wilder by the minute, relaying all manner of sexual encounters and desires through clever wordplay about nudist siblings, toe popsicles and ‘churning butter’.

The crowd favourite was definitely a song about a man desperate to marry, but finding every woman to be an illegitimate sister, ending with a comic twist making the crowd roar with laughter.

Of course, the outright filthiest song of all was left until last, and it was both parts disturbing and jaw-achingly funny, closing the night with a bang.

If you’re looking for something less raunchy, Gordon’s spectacular voice will still wow you in her more serious jazz performances at The Ellington throughout the next month.

Her spontaneous rendition of La Vie En Rose proves her to be not only skilled at hilarity but a genuinely talented artist.

Either way, for a night of charming sleaze and witty humour, Dirty Jazz takes the cake.

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Tiffany Ko

Tiffany is a Fringe enthusiast and loves all things wonderful and weird. She’s excited to come back for a second time to spill the tea on everything this year’s Festival has to offer. When she’s not out catching shows, she’ll most likely be working on her TBR pile or looking for new lit journals to subscribe to.

Ticket Price $25.50 - $36

End Date 24 Jan 2019

  • Ticket Price $25.50 - $36
  • End Date 24 Jan 2019
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