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DC Callan: I Spied

What would you do as a wannabe secret agent applying to ASIO and being told you are too tall and handsome to do the job?

You would become one anyway, get sacked and later write a pretty neat show about it for Fringe. That’s what!

DC Callan should receive some sort of medal from national security because after his -very smartly scripted- 1 hour show any aspiring terrorist will realise that getting into the business is not as glamorous as one may think.

No James Bond will come and use his remote controlled letter opener and unarm you.

Not only that but as a 9 to 5 Everyday Jane I am in awe when after 8 hours of mind-numbing work somebody can make miracles happen and become an artist in their own right.

After all, DC Callan has been a bureaucrat in Canberra. One cannot rise from much deeper depths but he manages to do so.

This ex-spy has real, contemporary substance to his comedy material and just in time to be honest because I was starting to have enough of comedians getting upset about coffee cups and pets and clothing items.

He gives you surprisingly honest accounts of his shareable experiences and to top it off his observations are quite sharp and unique. You think you have a lot to laugh about? Well you have a lot to ponder on as well.

The slightly nervous start, which actually helped to appreciate him even more at the end, DC Callan own his stage.

Using just enough showmanship to make it very enjoyable to listen to his performance but still allowing us to glance at the raw reality so one can almost smell it.

By the way one technical issue I would like to raise: if ASIO noticed this spy-comedian is very tall, surely the event-organisers would not put him on a raised stage in front of a seated audience, but they do.

Even so, please go and watch him if you want to explore a fresh point of view on political espionage -and why wouldn’t you? It is interesting. And now it is funny too!

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  • Ticket Price $13 - $17
  • End Date 04 Feb 2018
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