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Dave Hughes – The Snorkeler

With “orgasmic” laughs from the audience, Dave Hughes, aka Hughesy, was clearly doing a great job at the Perth Fringe Festival.

One particular audience member was getting a little too excited at the show and of course Hughes had to point it out, gaining further laughs from the audience.

He interacted well with the crowd and adapted his material as he went.

The audience seemed to appreciate Hughesy’s effort to create jokes that were specific to his Perth audience.

In particular, mocking the lack of access the Optus Stadium, the one-way streets in the CBD and Perth’s minimal underground station stops. However, it was not all cynical.

He also shared a lot of fond memories of starting his stand-up career in Perth in the 1990s and spoke about people he had met on the streets of Perth during his current visit.

As the title of the show is The Snorkeler, there was also a pivotal story that related to this, however it did not tie back in at the end of the show, as many other comedians often do.

His stand-up also centred a lot on his wife and children, as he shared personal and somewhat awkward details, which people enjoyed. You will definitely be having a laugh a minute watching Hughesy at FRINGE WORLD.

If you are already a fan then definitely check out his stand-up show, and for those who have not seen much of his work, give him a try.

Hughes has certainly come a long way from “picking Waneroo cucumbers” to buying a $3 million house from the television show The Block and hosting his own TV show, Hughesy, We Have a Problem.

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