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Dave Callan in Every Video Clip Ever

The pants dropping, booty shaking, sweat dripping Dave Callan has brought a fantastic show to FRINGE WORLD this year.

Within the first five minutes you will see Callan’s butt crack, but get used to it as it makes a regular appearance throughout the show, while Callan and his backing dancers re-enact some of the most significant video clips from 1975 to 2018.

You may know the Irish comedian from Rove Live, hosting Saturday nights on Triple J or reviving Daryl Braithwaite’s cover song The Horses.

While he now lives in Victoria, his parents live in Perth and have seen the show, giving it some interesting “reviews”.

His energetic performance included paying homage to video clips by Queen, Michael Jackson, Village People, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys, Snoop Dog, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, The Weeknd and Bruno Mars.

Callan’s dancers were very talented, not only in their moves but also providing additional comedy. But do not judge Callan’s own dance abilities until you see it for yourself, as he pays great attention to detail and is well timed.

Props and costumes were used throughout as they sped through “every video clip ever”. Beyoncé could certainly learn from Callan’s fast wardrobe changing skills.

However, it was not all dancing. Callan shared some stories and made jokes about misheard lyrics, which will change the way you hear those songs forever.

Callan interacted well with the crowd and even invited an audience member to join in a couple of routines. It would have been good to see more of that and less of his butt, which became a bit of a repetitive gag.

If only the show could have been longer to fit in even more – I think Ricky Martin and the Spice Girls could have made some great additions.

If you love laughing and dancing, this is definitely the show for you. With his wide range of talents, nobody puts Dave Callan in a corner.

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Jackie has a PhD in creative advertising and design. She teaches at the University of Western Australia, has published multiple books and critiques films for A-List Reviews. Other than talking and writing, she loves dancing, eating and travelling.

Ticket Price $25 - $32

End Date 11 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $25 - $32
  • End Date 11 Feb 2018
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