Fringefeed | 26 Jan 2019

Darius Davies: Persian Of Interest

Hell hath no fury like a stand-up comedian slugged 50 pounds to print out a boarding pass at the airport before a flight.

Comedian Darius Davies’ eventually gets to this story, and the astonishing chain of events that occur after, but there is context that requires setting up and exploring.

What starts out as a lesson in trolling complete with a slide show and notes (high-school classroom flashbacks are inevitable) turns into one of the funniest, most thought-provoking stand-up shows this Fringe. And the outlandish stories are all true!

From hecklers who tried to bring him down by tweeting at ISIS to an experiment in Tinder dating that revealed what we all knew anyway (men are gross), Darius has been on both sides of trolling.

But it is his run-in with a low-budget airline, and his eventual revenge via an unexpected appearance on BBC as a “witness” to an in-flight incident, that has been his most notable online interaction.

The ease in which he manipulated the media in this particular instance is astonishing.

Is Darius an online troublemaker and prankster taking thing too far? Or is he simply exposing the power of social media and lapses in journalistic integrity to make a point?

That is for us to ponder – and also our own online persona and behaviour.

It’s a lot of food for thought, but so entertainingly packaged and delivered, that you may not even notice at first the level of substance there is to this show.

One may even wonder during his show if he is trolling his audience in a clever, meta way to get his point across, such is the genius of his show and the way it is structured.

But look it up, it all happened.

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