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Dali After Dark

Get ready for a party of a whole new variety.

Dali After Dark is taking over Dali Land with an immersive theatrical experience centred around a bar.

Beginning with a secret back door entrance and a hysterical walk through the basement passages of MetroCity, you’re quickly welcomed and then free to explore this unique space, made to resemble Salvador Dali’s home, at your own pace.

The surrealist works of Dali truly come to life as extravagantly costumed performers roam the venue, stopping to perform and interact with the audience.

While one guest had a one-on-one experience with a performer inside a giant egg, three others were welcomed to a poker table. No two experiences at Dali After Dark are the same, and your journey is totally up to you.

A highlight for many guests was Perth local Odette Mercy’s takeover of Dali Land’s living room. Her interaction with the crowd and surrealist take on classic tunes perfectly complemented the environment, and provided an ideal space for taking in the room’s exhibition.

As the grand finale saw all Dali After Dark’s performers take with magnificent choreography to the stage, it truly felt like we had spent the preceding hour wondering the halls of Salvador Dali’s home and this was the culmination of his works coming to life to bid us farewell.

The art, the space and the performers work together seamlessly and provide a truly unique and almost magical experience.

The only downfall of Dali After Dark is that the hour or two you spend in Dali Land will likely not feel like enough. To make your way around the space and properly appreciate the visual arts as well as the performance elements in this time is nigh on impossible.

If you’re a visual arts aficionado or even just curious to see some of Dali’s originals, I would recommend a trip to Dali Land – The Exhibition. If you’re ready to party and experience surrealism in a whole new way, Dali After Dark is for you.

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Ticket Price $40 - $60

End Date 17 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $40 - $60
  • End Date 17 Feb 2019
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Not worth the ticket price. Fraction of the exhibit was work by Dali, the rest was mostly contemporary Australian artists. Mismatched and poorly placed placards did not help.

Reviewed by Sarah Fell 2019


Reviewed by Paul McLeod 2019