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Cutting Teeth


An acrobatic performance that intertwines talent and vignettes about coming of age, Cutting Teeth is as heartwarming as it is awe-worthy.

Performed by a troupe from Sliders Youth Circus – CIRCUSWA, the young group of acrobatics divulge a series of awesome acts and talents to bring together a surely entertaining act. From climbing to the BIG TOP roof with a velvet red rope to juggling acts, and everything else, the troupe show off giddy talent.

Cutting Teeth seems raw and unpolished, in a way that makes it’s actors unapologetically human and fun.

They laughed as they went, and the amazing shows of trust between them lead perfectly into their jumbled scenes of adolescent and growing up stories.

Some standout moments include a clever duo act suspended in the air, and an adorable juggling performance.

Although the presented storyline didn’t have much structure, and the performance was more of a showcase of the varied talents of the troupe, there was still something lovely and whimsical about the act.

There isn’t much else to say about this show, except it’s a lovely easy viewing during the day that’s worth supporting WA’s circus performers of tomorrow for.

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Review by Tahnee Clarke on 02 Feb 2019

Tahnee is a quirky and colourful journalism student who loves the arts and writing almost as much as she loves indie music, ufos, and hot chips. A long time lover of Fringe, she is excited to bring you her unique and creative take on the wonderful world of Fringe.