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Speaking at Davos, just two days ago financial guru George Soros predicted that Social Media giants such as Facebook have ‘ their days numbered’.

I’m not so sure about that, but there is no doubt that Social Media is profoundly changing the way human beings interact with each other. The mobile screen has become our filter to the world, in both directions.

Cull, showing at the Blue Room, takes a look at the phenomenon from the perspective of two young people who live their lives through Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

More disturbingly they are no longer able communicate directly with each other. Face to face over coffee they are uncomfortable, bored, speechless.

They can’t wait to get back to their social media persona. Through that screen they love, they project their sexual fantasies, they confess their inner fears.

Honor and Patrick are two young people born and raised in the new world of Social Media. In their effort to project the perfect life and gain the likes from their followers they have lost track of who they are. So they decide to cull their circle of Facebook friends.

Honor Wolff and Patrick Durnan Silva deliver super-charged performances in, Cull. Their faces change effortlessly from mock-excitement, to vulnerability and despair.

The extremes of human behaviour are suggested by a subtle gesture, body posture or facial expression. Insecurity, lust for power, paranoia, violence and abuse are all paraded on stage in this energetic performance.

And they get plenty of laughs from a very receptive audience, ready to acknowledge both the liveliness of the script and the skill of the performers.

Apart from a couple of the solo sketches, that dwell a bit (the bottle drinking scene being one) this show carries you along at breakneck speed. It’s a high energy performance deserving of a good audience.

Cull is the kind of show that defines the role of FRINGE WORLD. It’s of its time, it dares to confront, it invites us to consider where we are heading to, without descending to moralizing.

Above all it makes you laugh while addressing some very serious issues of our time.

CULL is showing at The Main Space at The Blue Room Theatre and Don Russell Performing Centre.

About the Author

Antonio Casella

Antonio Casella is an Australian novelist, born in Italy. His published works include the novels Southfalia (Fremantle Press, 1980), The Sensualist (Hodder & Stoughton, 1991) and An Olive Branch for Sante (Yellow Teapot, 2013). Casella has been a recipient of a Writing Fellowship by the Literature Board and served as Writer in Residence at the Australia Council’s Whiting Studio, Rome. Past president of the Dante Alighieri Society of W.A. Chaired several events at the Perth Writers Festival (2008-2014).

Ticket Price $14 - $27

End Date 03 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $14 - $27
  • End Date 03 Feb 2018
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