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Crystal Club


The Crystal Club transformed the intimate Hayman Theatre into a smoky 1920’s speakeasy for a spectacular high energy swing dance show for the night.

Glamourous costumes, bedazzling with sequins and feathers and fabulous fringing, echoed the magic of vintage Hollywood with cheeky modern twists and heavily tattooed girls.

Spirited and sassy, it was a great night’s entertainment.

The DecaVita Sisters are both extraordinarily attractive and accomplished international dancers from Sweden and this is the world premiere before it heads off to Adelaide.

Peppy performers with a great sense of theatre they clearly love what they do and sharing it.

Their routines are original, superbly polished, with astonishing split-second timing and humour.

In the Crystal Club they take on multiple roles, showcasing a range of jazz and swing age dance – Charleston, tango, tap dancing to a stunning high-flying Lindy Hop.

I loved the exuberant perkiness of the cheeky candy coloured Sugarcake Sisters routine and felt enchanted by Bonnie Blue’s fabulously feathered bluebird burlesque performance.

The highlight for me though was all three performers on stage in Wonder Woman costumes, complete in tiny shiny blue shorts, looking superbly athletic, doing a very acrobatic and fun filled finale.

The costumes were a delight throughout.

The show included song and some vaudeville sketches as well as superbly practised high energy dance routines that left me feeling I’d been thoroughly entertained, uplifted and wishing I could dance like that.

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Review by Lou Kelly on 03 Feb 2019

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