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Cristina Lark: Caution – Deadline Ahead (A Comedy About Procrastination)

Cristina Lark’s FRINGE WORLD debut is a high-energy meta show, which takes audiences on a crash course through the life of a procrastinator.

We’re intrigued from the outset, with Lark launching into a unique blend of solo theatre, character comedy, storytelling, and observational humour.

Keeping the momentum high throughout the performance, Lark depicts the frantic reality of achieving expert status in the realm of procrastination. She also dispels myths with panache while questioning the notion of time, embodying the persona of a relentless optimist, and making a point with puppets that has us all chuckling.

As it turns out, to procrastinate is not so uncommon. In the era of clickbait, YouTube black holes, and infinite hyperlinks, it’s easy to see how large volumes of time can be lost. Lark, however, has more to offer than a few anecdotes and some reassuring local knowledge quippery. She has a whole gamut of theories and observations to share, keeping us guessing as to what might be next.

While Lark changes costumes, switching characters at breakneck speed, and makes some compelling arguments for cause and effect, she succeeds in delivering a cleverly constructed performance as authentically chaotic.

The show’s topic is not only good fodder for self-deprecating humour, it’s also genuinely relatable. We’re laughing at Lark’s skilfully crafted jokes, of course, but as we identify commonalities, we also laugh at ourselves.

Weaving witty metaphors, personal anecdotes, and astute social commentary throughout the show, Lark illustrates just how far from laziness the experience of procrastination is. It’s no mean feat.

Although the rapid pacing prevented some excellent jokes from landing with full impact, we were still having an enjoyable time. With a little extra polish and nuance, this fresh and fun show would be riotously funny and engaging.

Cristina Lark: Caution – Deadline Ahead is a show abounding with vitality.

As we ride the wave of distraction, intense investment in time-consuming tasks, and an overwhelming number of self-improvement priorities with this comic, we revel in the brilliance of having just made the deadline. You’ll know what that means when you see the show.

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Jasmine Seabrook-Benson

Jasmin Seabrook-Benson is a freelance writer, editor, and poet. Her work has appeared in publications including The West Australian, Underground Writers, Fringefeed and Buzzcuts. She is also co-founder and editor of Gutter Culture.

Ticket Price $14 - $20

End Date 01 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $14 - $20
  • End Date 01 Feb 2019
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