Fringefeed | 22 Feb 2018

Coutney Act – Under The Covers

The audience that a show attracts always fascinates me. While waiting for any show to begin, I can’t help but observe those around me. Generally, there is a conceivable pattern, a certain demographic that dominates the queue.

However, in Courtney Act’s case, I was astounded by the inclusivity and range within her audience.

The young and old, the inquisitive and the knowledgeable, the overtly queer and the adamantly straight – all present and accounted for. Shortly after settling in for the show, I understood why.

Courtney Act is a goddess.

Courtney Act has taken the drag world by storm, appearing on Australian Idol, Celebrity Big Brother, and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Her star quality is evident from the first moment we see her, softly snoring in a prop bed perched up on stage. She emerges from underneath her colour-splattered duvet with perfect bed-hair that would put a Disney princess to shame.

And then – she sings.

Act’s voice is absolutely stunning. Her gorgeous falsetto is effortless and her theatrical sensuality is addictive and enticing. Not only is this queen musically talented, but devilishly creative.

As an unabashed vegan, Act performs a Weird Al-esque tribute to her personal beliefs, a frequent occurrence throughout the show. Act discusses sexuality and politics in a hilarious setting coupled with some glamourous costume changes.

Courtney Act – Under The Covers is an event that will leave you begging for more. Act is truly awe-inspiring and is so easy to fall in love with.

Her performances are insightful, poignant and intriguing, as she delves into the history behind some of the world’s most popular songs (I never knew I needed a Disney cover of Like A Virgin until now).

Slip Under The Covers with the beautiful Courtney Act and indulge yourselves in a night of songs, sex and sticky tape.

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Peri Watson

Peri Watson is a Perth-based writer and has reviewed for PIAF and Fringe since 2016. Amongst being awarded the Roy Grace English Scholarship and Walter Horeb Literary Award, her achievements include receiving her first piece of hate mail at 19 and drinking 12 cups of tea a day before a deadline.

Ticket Price $40

End Date 24 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $40
  • End Date 24 Feb 2018
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