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Completely Improvised Shakespeare

Completely Improvised Shakespeare is brought to life by the celebrated Soothplayers, an improvisation troupe based in Melbourne.

The evening kicked off with an engaging round of interactions with the audience.

The troupe required the audience to exchange, but – not to worry – individual participation was never a requirement. The players kept their promise and made the audience feel completely comfortable and willing to assist in the creation of an extremely ephemeral show.

After a few interactions, the troupe asked the audience what title we wish to give a non-existant Shakespearean play.

An audience member, in the front row, exclaimed: “The King, The Servant and The Moldy Pie”. And thus, our original, never-seen-before production involving a king being killed off by a mouldy pie and a dodgy servant, begun.

As the performers leapt from comedy to tragedy, all – as the title suggests – completely improvised, it became clear just how skilled the group of performers were.

They demonstrated precise listening skills, abilities to think swiftly and creatively. All while inventing a plot that they had no time to discuss, previous to performing live to an audience.

True to the Bard’s times, the stage was bare, design elements were minimal, and the language was creatively Elizabethean. As children sat in the audience roaring with laughter and gasping at murders, it was fantastic to see people of all ages enjoying the improvised Shakespeare.

The structure was a well-crafted element to this production. The players, although not knowing what narrative or characters they were going to perform, knew exactly who they were teamed with during scenes and how their character’s power status would relate to others.

The Soothplayers were notably witty and hilariously enthusiastic. It’s clear that this creative team are improvisation champions.

Get out the FRINGE WORLD program and highlight Completely Improvised Shakespeare. If you’re ready for a night full of humour, playfulness, and a sprinkle of surprise: this is the production for you!

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Gregory Ryan

Gregory Ryan is the founder of The Theatre Diary, and for many years, he regularly critics professional theatre from Perth's best theatre companies. Gregory has written, produced, and performed in original Fringe World Festival productions; his most recent production received critical acclaim, including 4.5 stars from the West Australian.

Ticket Price $13 - $25

End Date 04 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $13 - $25
  • End Date 04 Feb 2018
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