Fringefeed | 05 Feb 2020

Comma Sutra

Cross your Ts and dot your Is, Louisa Fitzharding is back to give Perth another dose of her hilarious grammar lessons.

Comma Sutra (if you couldn’t guess by the name) is nothing like what your English books in school taught you. This singing, dancing extravaganza is just as cheeky as it is grammatically correct.

Her tune Grammar Makes Me Hot, for instance, was equal parts a lesson in the subjunctive, and how to… well, you can guess.

From the Oxford comma to the history of the word “alive”, there’s nothing Louisa couldn’t teach her audience without putting them into fits of laughter.

And trust me, it wasn’t just the self confessed grammar nerds in hysterics. The friends and family they brought along were equally in on the joke. Never condescending yet always correct and accurate, this show strikes the perfect balance for its audience.

Comma Sutra isn’t just a FRINGE show for Louisa. Her love of language runs seriously deep, with not only a perfect knowledge of English, but also a degree in German, and a fair knowledge of French and Australian sign language.

While she may be confident enough to switch between these languages mid-song (or even mid sentence or word) now, it’s the stories of her trials and tribulations of getting to this point that give this show so much heart.

From offering a waiter shoes instead of money in a deaf café, to confusing the words for boat and vagina in a class presentation, no amount of embarrassments or missteps could deter Louisa in her quest for more languages.

While remaining ever upbeat and always putting herself at the centre of the joke, the audience is fortunate to gain a glimpse into why Louisa gained this linguistic prowess in the sincere and beautifully written track “book worm”.

Not a pin dropped in the previously rambunctious crowd as Louisa took the audience on a journey through her school life, where language and books were her main source of company and friendship.

With an incredible pianist in Greg Lavell, amazingly clever original songs and plenty of quick quips to keep you laughing, Comma Sutra is simply unmissable.

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Giorgia Beasley

Giorgia is a professional pun writer and unprofessional parallel parker. She lives her life in a constant state of readiness for Julie Andrews to tell her she’s the Princess of Genova.

Ticket Price $36 - $42

End Date 08 Feb 2020

  • Ticket Price $36 - $42
  • End Date 08 Feb 2020
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A true celebrant at the altar of language. Delightfully witty and wonderful.

Reviewed by Caitlin 2020

‘literally’ laughed my head off!

Reviewed by Carol Evans 2020