Fringefeed | 11 Feb 2018

Coming to Australia

Comedian Ashley Fils-Aime has come to Australia and brought many laughs. Haitian-born Fils-Aime lived in the United States but has now officially become an Australian resident.

The show started with a support act who meant well but could not quite deliver. He is Canadian with Persian descent and thematically worked well with Fils-Aime by discussing culture.

He made some fun jokes about his parents, but often went too far. He forgot to turn on his microphone and made a few awkward jokes about incest that fell flat. He also relied heavily on making jokes about his weight. The laughs certainly grew when the main act arrived on stage.

Fils-Aime had some solid jokes about Australian slang and culture. In particular, making reference to the many meanings and uses for the word “piss” and the loosely thrown around word “legend”. He also shared many interesting personal stories about his mother, wife and friends.

Some of his funniest jokes and most poignant moments related to the racial differences of being a black man in Australia versus America.

This presented some thought-provoking elements to the show, while also bringing many laughs. However, his act needed refining. Unfortunately, he looked down to read his notes far too often, which took away from the experience.

He also pointed out when jokes failed to garner laughs, which was also distracting from the flow of the show. Furthermore, the venue did not help matters, with many noisy customers interfering and diverting the comedian’s attention.

But overall, he had a good energy and interacted well with his audience. He engaged those sitting at the front and the back. While he is no Eddie Murphy, nobody is.

Coming to this show definitely made for a fun night out.

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  • Ticket Price $30 -
  • End Date 18 Feb 2018
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