Fringefeed | 09 Feb 2019

Comedy Striptease

The late night time slot attracted a boisterous crowd to the Rooftop Terrace Bar at Universal Bar.

This is stand-up comedy with a twist.

The initial routine is fairly familiar. An MC (Kyle Legacy, self-styled ‘King of Comedy’ on the night I attended) introduces a bunch of comedians who tell a few jokes, launch into their monologues or whatever their particular approach is, and we laugh and clap or groan and heckle according to the quality and effort.

The formula is four (or just the three on this night) comedians per session and a different line up each night.

On this occasion we had Billy D’Arcy followed by Eleanor Conway and Troy Hawke.

An Aussie then two Poms, with some choice contributions from each.

And they all seemed to possess that priceless comic ability to insult people without being offensive.

The comedy was variable, as you’d expect, but you can be pretty confident that every night at least one of the performers will hit the spot.

The twist comes at the end. The MC reappears and we vote with our raucous applause – the least favoured comedian then is forced (not much reluctance actually) to perform a striptease.

As the voting public we may not be particularly scrupulous in our comedy ratings, being partly swayed by what we suspect will be the most interesting body, but that’s ok.

On this occasion Billy D’Arcy was picked and whipped his gear off (down to his undies) so quickly you’d have thought he had a bus to catch.

I’d quibble with the term striptease as there was not much tease involved. But he probably got more applause than for his comedy routine, so happiness all round.

All told, an entertaining late night show – which works well for that time and location, and to judge by the reaction of the punters, contributes to a typical fun night at FRINGE WORLD.

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Stuart Moore

Stu loves the buzz of FRINGE WORLD - wacky and quirky shows, sophisticated and sublime performances appealing equally. With school age children Stu often needs material for Dad jokes. When not out and about or slaving away at his day job, Stu coaches little athletics in summer and soccer in winter.

Ticket Price 20 - $25

End Date 15 Feb 2020

  • Ticket Price 20 - $25
  • End Date 15 Feb 2020
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Reviewed by Nat 2020

Very disappointed! Would definitely NOT RECOMMEND this show to any friends. One comedian called a woman in the crowd a whore, that’s not comedy.
Very sad way to end what’s otherwise been a great fringe 2020 season. I’ve been to numerous shows over the last three weeks, this one sucked balls!

Reviewed by Kelly 2020