Fringefeed | 20 Jan 2020

Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale: Random Acts of Mindness

International performer Matt Hale returns to FRINGE WORLD in 2020 with a brand-new show, Random Acts of Mindness. Combining his very own genre of hypnotism with tasteful audience participation, this show is like your favourite movie: you can watch it over and over again and never get bored.

Hale has rightly earned himself the trademark of a Fringe favourite, renowned for his unique ability to transform everyday people into brilliant performers, unleashing their hidden talents in a safe, respectful and hilarious way.

This year, Hale is performing 31 shows across multiple Fringe venues, yet it is guaranteed that no two shows will ever a) feature a hypnotised chicken or a swinging watch or b) be the same.

Within seconds of entering the stage, Hale has the audience engaged. “This isn’t a show, this is a party!”, he exclaims as loud club music fills the room and he dances across the length of the stage.

There’s a strong, happy energy surging through the crowd as Hale informs the audience that this is not his show, it’s ours. Everyone believes him and everyone is on board.

Hale calls for volunteers. Unlike most comedy shows, audience members wrestle their way on stage; everyone is eager for a seat, eager to participate and experience this award winner’s hypnotic talent.

Hale has an ever-growing number of followers across the world. And it’s no wonder: his shows are truly unique, clever, energetic and suited to audiences of all demographics. His mind-blowing abilities leave all sceptics at the door and have the audience roaring with laughter.

Let Matt Hale occupy your mind this Fringe with his fast-paced and unforgettable comedy show – it’s guaranteed to be a highlight of your Fringe experience.

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Sensational show - I am looking forward to seeing Matt again at the 2021 Fringe.

Reviewed by Ted McEvoy 2020

I loved this show so much. I went up on stage and was deep under hypnosis. Looking back at the video I was having the best time and definitely was not shy... My sides hurt after I had laughed so much. Well worth going and jump up on stage and have a ball....

Reviewed by Nicki Barrett 2020